Black Tantra FemDom

Black Tantra Feminine Domination is my passion. 

To me it is the art of empowerment and liberation of:

  1. the feminine through worship of the Feminine;
  2. the masculine through worship of the Feminine.

My bachelor in creative arts therapy was the starting point of my interest in the transformational powers of art and psychology. I have explored throughout my life the sexual arts in many forms and I became intrigued by the profound  body of knowledge and power that psycho sexuality entails. I am a 24/7 lifestyle Goddess as I practice PolyAndry, Female Led Relating, Cuckolding  and more... 


BDSM is a powerful psychosexual system, that provides tools to purify and liberate the body, mind and soul from decades of patriarchal programming.

I Love submissive men. I think submissive men are strong, brave, valuable and that they make this world a better place. Love is the place I come from and it is my final destination. As Tantra is the art of conscious Loving,  Tantra BDSM is this special type of primordial psychosexual conscious Love Art that I find fascinating.

Serve The Black Woman, The Primordial Goddess

As a Domina, I am interested in building relationships with carefully select submissives who are devoted to me,  align with my values and who genuinely desire to worship "The Black Woman" as their Goddess.  Tantric Domination is the language of the Goddesses. It is the type of Love that challenges the mind, the heart and the body to dig deeper and feel more. It expands far beyond the limitations of "traditional BDSM" as it vaporises all limitations. Black is the color of the Universe, the Womb, the beginning and ending of everything. 

Desire is a powerful teacher

As you communicate your desires respectfully to me, I might consider them. I am not only interested in your specific "kink", I also demand knowing what moves you within this kink. Yet, even though I am genuinely interested in your desires and your motives behind them, there is no guarantee that your desires will be fulfilled. I am a Goddess, not a "kink dispenser".  As a submissive you come to surrender and worship me. 

A rendez-vouz may take place in dungeon  studios in for example Arnhem and Almere or elsewhere. 

True surrender is the gateway to my mercy

Through my kinky and artistic mind, I lead you into the dungeons of my world, where you sink deep into the dungeons of your mind. Suffering is the path to liberation. It excites me to see despair in the eyes of my submissives. In general I gravitate towards whipping, chastity, bondage, FinDom, emasculation and other forms of mental torture and female domination methodes.

“Man is the one who desires, woman the one who is desired.  This is woman's entire but decisive advantage. Through his passion nature has given man into woman's hands, and the woman who does not know how to make him her subject, her slave, her toy, and how to betray him with a smile in the end... is not wise.”

- Leopold von Sacher-Masoch